DH.01 – Dubai Hills Luxury Retreat

Dubai Hills Luxury Retreat

Project Timeline

Concept Design – Draft 01


Aurum Design presents its DRAFT_01 concept to the client; after a two hour meeting the client agrees to the presented style and design concepts.

In a next step commercial details are being discussed.

Agreement on Commercial Proposal for Design Services


An agreement of the commercial proposal for Design Services was reached and Aurum Design begins work on Concept Design.

Concept Design – Draft 02


Aurum Design presents its DRAFT_02 concept (the concluding version)  to the client; The presentation consists of:

  • printed presentation of selected furniture, fittings and equipments, materials and technical solutions
  • printed 3D visualization of key design elements and areas (15 renderings)
  • video walk-through

As the concept receives approval from the client Aurum Design develops the Detail Designs of the project.

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